In todays Indian campus feast landscape, the success of a Campus-fest depends upon the scale, reach and the brand that the fest caries with it. Indeed, Successful events are usually conducted using unique event management tools  and resource that can bring extraordinary feelings to the participants.  The reach of the markering efforts depends on the online tools, technology and budget. So todays campus event oganizers needs specialized set of tools to assist with giving a “wow” experience to the participants and to promote the event to a wide audiance.

Not every fest is a Fun-fest gala time. It is sleepless nights, heroic effort and and tremendous amount of work for the organizers while having to balance the day to day preassures of college life. YepDesk team understands this very well and has built powerful tools that will allow to plan and manage all aspects of your event from one place.

Some fests beat the participants with technicality and leave a real bad taste. Your online tool should be seemless and a joy to use.

1. Online Registrations

online registrationsPreparing for a major even requires excellent user management skills.  A successful event management professional always  pull all of the details together systematically on time. A schedule must be drawn up and strictly adhered to with the help of Online registration features at Yep-desk without any hassle to an event manager. It doesn’t matter how many users  and connections the event has! It has been powered but autmated registration email features to participants to confirm their registration to the event.

2. Promote your Event

event promotionA large number of college students who are interested in attending events hangout on the website and at our Facebook page.

Your event is promoted on and on the publicity at Facebook Page of YepDesk where its dedicated fans can share your event if it touches their heart!

3. Collaborate with your team members

team membersNobody can be a single army to conduct a full campus event alone!   After all, that’s the whole point of campus events – to collaborate, have fun and learn from each other. Using Team Collaboration Features of Yep-Desk you can do precisely this!  YepDesk can bring together a diverse team to cover all of the meticulous planning of the event with ease and fun.


Again, the events that you are planning to conduct in your campus depends on your planning , collaboration and execution.  YepDesk is one of its kind  advanced software platform that helps to make event planning and execution a breeze.

YepDesk is already used by hunderds of student groups in India to plan a variety of events like national conferences, technology fests,  sports meetings, group discussions etc.

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