Creating and establishing connections and impressions is the main intention when you attend a conference. But before you go for the conference it is important to decide what you will be wearing.

Here are some important things that you might consider before dressing up for a conference.

  1. Blazer or Jackets: Blazers and jackets give you a formal look. These will definitely give you a professional look but they are optional. Consider the colours black and brown instead of printed and patterned ones.Formal dress
  2. Go traditional: Go for a subtle coloured saree with minimal jewellery. You can also opt for a dress or kurta and leggings. Just keep in mind to be simple and avoid all that glitter and flashy colours.
  3. Try Skirts: Pencil Skirts can be great option if you are comfortable with them. Pair it up with a nice white or pastel colour blouse and you are good to go.
  4. Colours you need to consider: the colours that you might want take in consideration are black, blue, grey, brown and white. You can also go for some pastel light colours which would give you a nice formal look. Avoid bold and flashy colours.
  5. Button-down collared shirts: Instead of wearing a plain t-shirt or polo t-shirts, for a formal look you need to wear collared shirts which are button downed. Both dark and light colours are acceptable with minimum patterns like stipes or checks. Avoid any flashy design and colours.
  6. Opt for formal dress if required: You can go for the formal dress if needed just make sure nothing is over the top. Avoid any fancy and flashy stuff. Keep it simple yet shoes
  7. Footwear: Consider wearing black or brown leather shoes or go for belly shoes which are decent. They will give you a crisp and professional look for the conference. Go in for flats instead of heels. Heels can be worn when you opt for a formal dress or skirt but avoid heels as much as possible.
  8. Minimise accessories: Although there are more accessories that women wear, try to go for a minimal jewellery look. Wear a nice watch and carry a nice purse or bag with you. Avoid wearing any type of piercings that are non-traditional like lip piercings. Wear small earrings and a simple chain with a small pendant. Avoid heavy and flashy jewellery.
  9. Avoid heavy make-up: avoid wearing heavy make-up. Go light handed for your makeup. Avoid bold and dark colours of lipsticks as well as eyeshadows. Keep your makeup simple yet effective.
  10. Match your belt and shoes: Do not forget to match your belt and shoes. Wearing different coloured belt and shoes may not look presentable at all.