So today, we will be discussing the top social media for marketing your event successfully and reaching the correct target audience.

The first that you need to identify before making your social media marketing strategies, is to identify the audience, the background of your attendees as well as you will need to identify the social media that your audience and attendees use the most.


facebookFacebook being the most popular social media network, there is no need to explain much about it. The goal of reaching 70% of your targeted audience can be achieved via Facebook shares and likes. People from all types of demographics use Facebook these days may it be a working professional or a housewife or even teenagers. This is the perfect platform to market any type of event and it will surely reach your targeted audience.


Though twitter is a little difficult to understand for the most of us, there are many tech savvy and social media friendly people who love using twitter to it maximum. Most of the professionals and teenagers use twitter to follow big celebrities or even famous people. This can be used as a marketing platform if your target audience is teenagers and professionals.


Instagram is growing and trending these days. Many people are engaging in the photogenic events. It is a great way to showcase your audience what you will be offering them. Instagram when used with other social media networks like Facebook and twitter work simply great for any event. Many people nowadays use Instagram to conduct contests and encourage people to follow them and participate in the event. Most of the users that use Instagram are teenagers, young adults and [professionals including both male and female.


LinkedIn in its way is a unique and different social media network, which is mostly used by the professionals and the educated. If that is your target audience, you should definitely use LinkedIn for marketing of your event. Any conferences, trainings and classes that you are conducting can be better marketed on LinkedIn.


snapchatThough snapchat is new to the field of social media, it is now becoming the most trending topic and choice for most of the teenagers and young adults. A large number of snapchat users include girls and women. So basically if that is your target audience for your event it is a great way to market your event.

Hope reading this helped you. Now go and search for the perfect social media that you will be using for your next event.

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