College events are many and varied. They are incorporated into the college calendar of activities for a number of reasons. Some of them are Community Social Responsibility(CSR) activities, income generating activities while others like sports are for individual growth and student development. In general, these activities when consistently executed well, serve to project a good reputation of the college and thus improving its desirability by prospective students and also by the corporate world.

However, some mistakes usually abound when conducting college events. As such they fall short of attaining their desired purposes. Some of these are the improper choice of a leadership team, lack of a good marketing strategy, Poor fundraising strategy, failure to confirm participants early on, failure to focus on cash flows and not connecting with participants.

The particular ways in which the above mistakes hinder the success of college events elaborated below.

  1. Bad leadership Team

leadership teamThe wrong selection of the steering committee is usually the key reason for the failure of college events. The leadership team which is lacking in knowledge of the impending event, have poor planning skills, and devoid of enthusiasm for success are usually a stumbling block for the success of college events. For a successful event, the leadership team needs to be carefully chosen by taking into consideration their organization skills and knowledge and their readiness to work towards reaching and possibly exceeding the goals and the aims of the said event.

  1. Lack of good marketing strategy

marketing strategyFailure to craft a good marketing strategy results in poor publicity and attendance of these events. Moreover, they fall short of attracting well-wishers and donors who may be persuaded to come on board and market the event a success.

  1. Poor financing strategy

financing strategyThe failure by the event team members to identify reliable sources of funding usually cripple the success of these activities. The college events often need cash for logistical, operational and in cases of competitive events, for the purchase of winners’ trophies as also the prize money for the winners. The best practice is to ensure that the composition of the event team includes a financial specialist. In general, the team members should be forward thinkers who can suggest and actively pursue sustainable funding for the events.

  1. Failure to confirm participants early

participants in eventsA disappointing scenario usually occurs when participants, some highly honored, fail to turn for events. This scenario, even after colossal amounts of money has been spent in the organization of these events. The failure of participants to show up for the events leads to financial losses and also low morale on the participants who are present. The activities are thus a total failure! The best practice is to confirm the participation for timely confirmation of involvement and making adjustments if necessary.

  1. Failure to focus on cash flows

cash flowsInability to focus on cash flows leads to the college events being cash strapped and wanting for more cash injection. These college activities are meant to be self-sustaining. The project team members of such activities should be able to project the expected cash flows from these activities and evaluate their performances. If the event turns out to be non-profitable measures should be taken to revive them, others they should be dropped for more profitable ventures.

  1. Not connecting with participants

event discussionsFailure to connect with participants results in low morale, non-commitment and ultimately the failure of the whole event. Event organizers should engage all the relevant stakeholders at every stage of the event and act on any feedback as they come.

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