May 27th 2016, I got a call for interview from Yepdesk. The very next day I got the good news!!

I was selected for the position of Business Development Executive. Very much excited for the job, I started telling everyone about the job that I got. When everyone came to know about the location where I was supposed to work, everyone started worrying about me.

Being the only child in the house was pampered a lot and then followed a long list of Do’s and Don’ts!!

Do this! Do that! How will you manage everything there? Take care of yourself. Don’t go here and there unnecessarily. And much more!!

Thinking of shifting for few months is so far the biggest decision I made in my life !

Imagining shifting to Thiruvananthapuram was like going to a place as shown in south Indian movies!!

Men in lungis and female in those sarees that we see in South Indian movies!

Only idli dosa meduwada for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

could not even imagine anything like this for the next few months daily routine!

I had my joining on 13th June 2016. Travelled to Thiruvananthapuram with all my luggage, my mother and my best friend cum my colleague.

The train was late and reached late night at 11:30. Booked a cab and reached the place that we rented, it was all quiet and dark outside so could not get any better view.

The next morning was so pleasant! Heavy rains, a beautiful green view from the window and a cup of hot tea was all that was mesmerizing me.

Later that evening went for a walk and found the most sweetest people in India. Had Masala Dosa in a local restaurant and it was nothing like I had ever tasted. So yummy and tasty that I wished I could eat some more !! I also was introduced to some new traditions like drinking hot water with every meal you take. Believe me or not, but every restaurant or hotel you visit in Thiruvananthapuram, you will be welcomed with hot drinking water. And also a practice of washing hands before and after meals, from younger to older every person you see or meet in Thiruvananthapuram will always wash hands before and after meals.

Now these were some good habits that I eventually started practicing in 2 days itself.

Thiruvananthapuram as thought by me ‘South Indian movie style’ of a place is nothing like it. It is pretty much like any other city in India and the people here are far more sweet as well as helpful than anywhere else.

I never imagined being so comfortable on the 5th day itself in a new  city, new culture, new environment!!!

now I can truly say it’s the EVERGREEN CITY OF INDIA !!!!