Due to the changing patterns and standards in each and every organisation whether small or big, there has always been a confusion about what exactly do “Business Formals” and “Business Casuals” Refer to as well as what exactly is the difference between them.

So here we are with some easy ways that would help you to understand the basic Difference between Business Formals and Business Casuals.

For men:

When it comes to men, there is a clear cut difference between Business formals and casuals.

business formalsBusiness Formals:

Business Formals include dark coloured suits, colour coordinated ties, Light and simple coloured shirts, black or brown leather shoes with socks which are colour coordinated with the pants or trousers.

Any type of piercings should be avoided. Hair as well as facial hair should be well groomed and maintained.

Bold and flashy colours should be avoided. The look needs to be well groomed and crisp.

Business Casuals:

casualsAlthough big business entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs choose not to wear formals, there casuals are very impressive as well as simple.

Business casuals can include a large variety of clothes such as khaki pants or jeans in some cases, polo t-shirts or simple plain light coloured t-shirts, loafers or athletic shoes which are in good condition are also accepted.

Although any type of piercings and bold and flashy colours are a big no.

For Women:

Business Formals:

Formal dressMany things are similar to men when it comes to selecting business formals for women.

Dark and conservative colours should be selected, knee length skirts with ironed blouses, closed toe low heeled leather shoes are preferred, Minimal makeup and accessories as well as jewellery are all included in the Business Formal attire for women. Hair is also to be tied up in a clean and up do hairstyle and should be neatly styled. 

Business Casuals:

There is a wide variety of clothes that can be used by women as business Casuals. Jeans paired up with simple blouse or t-shirt, skirts and blouses, jeans and simple sweaters as well kurta and leggings, Punjabi dress and saree are considered Business Casuals. The dressing depends upon each organisation and cannot be quoted as similar to all.

Minimal and simple makeup, accessories and jewellery are preferred.

Dresses, short skirts and flip-flops are reserved for outdoor business picnics and outdoor events.

Although remember all organisations have different set of rules and different perceptions, so remember to find your style and rock it !