Gone are the days when brands paid a huge sum, just to display their ads on mass media channels like television, newspapers, radio, etc. With the rise of event planning industry, corporates now find their perfect channels to create an identity in the market. With endless opportunities to market their content, sponsors now concentrate on branding at events. In other words, they have found their best medium to target their ideal customers.

Though this drift is not sudden and is happening from a long time, it requires more and more people to adapt these channels. So, what is your role in this as an event planner? It is to attract sponsors! How? Well, a sponsor is someone who wants to establish a strong identity to his brand and build recognition to it. Hence, it is your task to ensure your partner a great promotion of their brand.

Most sponsors (who just need promotion of their brand at any cost) do not really care about the company spends on an event. But in any case having a balanced budget irrespective of your sponsors is well apprehended. Always adopt the best low-cost ideas because that is how you gain more from less. In this blog, we have included ten best cost-effective branding ideas that can guide you through your event management journey.


Every event has a backdrop and is the best option to brand your sponsors. This is not only cheap but has a better impact on people. A banner that has the names of all your sponsors attracts your attendees. Another advantage of the backdrop banners is that, if you have tied up with prestigious brands, they increase the brand value of your event and add up to the success of it.


Perhaps this is something new on the block. GOBO can be defined as a light projection that comes out of a stencil. The light is projected at several places or places that are visible to the audience at an event. The brand’s name is first carved onto the stencil; then lights are put through the stencil to project the brand’s logo. This is not just attractive but is available at a minimum price too. Go ahead and GOBO your next event!

If your event comprises of speeches and presentations, lectern branding is just for you. Yes, this is common yet is proved to be not just effective but cost-effective too. Create and attach banners of podium size to your lectern, and that’s it. That is all it takes to do podium branding. Since presenters give their speech at podiums, all the gazes are directed to a single point and hence branding here has better results. So, go ahead, get creative and have fun with it!

Props work out great as well. This requires creative brains and good designers. Choose various templates that match with the brand’s color and attach a great tagline. Use social media layouts of Instagram, Facebook, etc., to create quirky props that encourage your audience to join in. Cut-out the center frame for them to pose and have pictures clicked for them. Need to spice it up a little? Conduct a contest for the best poser! Make sure to print the brand’s name on every prop, which is the easiest way to make them remember it.

Bunting is another great choice for any event especially if it involves entertainment. Hold your branded bunting all across the venue that grabs the attention of your attendees. It’s completely inexpensive. Hence, all you need to do is to make them colorful and appealing.


Traditional branding! This still exists and just got more effective. Branding all your goodies in an event is the most effective way to promote the sponsors. Get the logo’s printed on various goodies that are a part of the event. The list includes pens, papers, paper bags, ID cards, badges, T-Shirts, water bottles, and all the swag that you give away at an event. The list is endless!

Apart from these, there are several options that you can work out and promote your sponsors. Be it a low budget or high, make sure to try these super affordable and easy ideas that can save both your time and money. Liked them? Try these out in your next event and share which worked the best for you. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us!