The first time that I heard about the famous Padamanabha Swamy Temple was 2 months ago. I had just shifted to Trivandrum for work in the month of June. It was my first weekend in Trivandrum and I had no idea how to spend the time. I searched for historic and nearby places to visit in Trivandrum. That is the day I came across the Padamanabha Swamy Temple.

I searched on the internet about the timings and the entry as well as the dress code for visiting the temple. The temple has strict rules regarding the dress code and one needs to keep all their electronic items as well as belongings outside the temple before entering. All the men are supposed to wear the mundus or the lungi without any shirt or t-shirt. The women are supposed to wrap a mundus or lungi on the dress, jeans or leggings as well as they are allowed to wear saree or full length skirts without a mundus. I was lucky enough that I had my full length skirt with me. I used that for visiting the temple along with a kurta. I visited the temple and it was a wonderful experience for me. I had then realised that this was the same temple that was shown in the news a few years ago where the treasures were found. Tis temple is said to be the richest temple in the whole of the India.  The doors of the temple keep on opening and closing on specific timings for the puja of the deity.

Once you enter the holy shrine, inside of the Mandapam, you can only see the deity in 3 parts from the 3 doors. No one can see the deity of lord Padamanabha Swamy all at once. From the first door one is able to see the visual of lord reclining on the serpent Anantha and lord’s hand over the shiv ling, from the second door you can see the navel part of the deity with lord Brahma sitting in the lotus emerging from the navel of lord Padamanabha Swamy, and from the last door you can see the holy feet of the deity. Inside the premises of the temple, a Ganesh temple and a lord Krishna temple is also there. Sometimes there are traditional songs and bhajans are sung in the premises of the temple. Visiting the Padamanabha Swamy Temple is a truly amazing and spiritual experience.

The biggest festival that is celebrated by the temple is the Lakshadeepam where one lakh i.e., one hundred thousand deeps or Diyas are lit in the temple, once in 6 years. That is the reason for this festival to be so special and unique.

All the tourists and especially the ones that are in search of the spiritual and calming place should visit the temple, but the only thing is that only the people observing the Hindu religion can enter the temple.

I later visited the temple a few more times and lastly visited it before leaving from Trivandrum. Now it is a forever memory for me. I would love to visit the temple again and again whenever I get a chance as well as recommend everyone to at least visit this amazing place once in their lifetime.