As it was my few days in Trivandrum I was all set to revisit the famous places once again. Who knows when I will be able to visit Trivandrum again.

As I visited the Napier museum and Zoo in Palayam, just a few minutes from there Kanakakkunnu Palace and Nisha Gandhi Auditorium are situated. I thought to myself why not visit them as well. I had heard a lot about the open air Nisha Gandhi auditorium from my colleagues and from most of the people in Trivandrum.

As I entered the Kanakakkunnu Palace area and its ground I began searching for the Nisha Gandhi Auditorium. I asked an old uncle and he pointed me to the right direction.

As I started walking towards it started having a look around I realised that there was some type of construction going on. I thought this might be for an upcoming event. But to my dismay the Nisha Gandhi Auditorium itself was under construction. The auditorium is all getting ready for the next event.

I wished to see the auditorium in its full glory but never the less whatever bits and parts I saw was totally amazing. With a large capacity of the auditorium as well as to entertain people visiting it, Nisha Gandhi Auditorium is one of the best open air auditoriums in the city of Trivandrum. It is the famous and most loved venue for all the cultural and traditional events in the city.

The famous All India Dance festival also known as the Nisha Gandhi Festival us annually held.

Eagerly waiting to see the new look of the Nisha Gandhi Auditorium, hopefully I will be visiting Trivandrum till then.

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