Kanakakkunnu Palace which is situated in Trivandrum near the Napier museum and zoo is an amazing venue to attend the cultural events in the city. It is a venue for many meetings and cultural events in the city conducted by the department of tourism and the Kerala Government.

The Kanakakkunnu Palace was built by Sree Moolam Thirunal. It was also used by the Travancore Royal Family for the entertainment as well as for serving non Vegetarian food to their guests as the Royal Family was vegetarian. All the guests of the Royal Family would have a feast of various non vegetarian food as well as enjoy different types of entertainment in the Kanakakkunnu Palace itself.

The insides of the Kanakakkunnu Palace are all furnished with royal furniture and antiques right from the era of Travancore king Sree Moolam Thirunal. It is situated near the Napier Museum and Zoo which makes it the perfect location to attract the tourists. Tourists from all around the world visit the Kanakakkunnu Palace in search of the cultural and tradition events.

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During the months of October to March, the Nisha Gandhi festival or the all India dance festival takes place in the Kanakakkunnu Palace which is organised by the Department of tourism of Kerala. The other renowned event that is held in the Kanakakkunnu Palace is the week long international food festival in which all the renowned and famous hotels from all over Kerala take part. The Government of Kerala also organizes various exhibitions and shows on the grounds of the Kanakakkunnu Palace.

Recently The Jack fruit fest 2016 was held on the 24th of july 2016 on the grounds of Kanakakkunnu Palace.

How to get there:

3kms from Thiruvananthapuram railway station

5kms from Trivandrum International Airport

5 mins away from Napier Museum and Zoo