Change is inevitable in this world, whether we choose it or not. As we live in a world where the future has no profound relation to it’s past, change is occasionally shocking. It not just affects the older generations but also impacts all the institutions and policies that are active since ages. Adjusting to these transitions is not easy and requires a well-thought strategy and a structured plan to carry on the same functions, in a more effective manner that suits the present condition. Apart from a great plan, the success or failure of it solely depends on the execution and how well one operates it.

If we dig deep into the situation, one can identify the answer to the most essential question: Are we ready to face the future? With the ever-changing trends and conditions, it is almost impossible to persevere the same age-old rules to manage the organization. As the working principles transform, organizations need to find more social and collaborative ways to hire their employees, and should induce the same in every stage of their employment so that they remain viable in 2017.
Now the actual need of the hour comes in the form of sudden reforms in economic and business moralities. Concerns are varied but have the same objective which is to have an effective system that drives productive and successful outputs. To survive on a long term basis, one needs to amend themselves to be a better competitor on a long run. Face the future with an appropriate plan that includes well-framed strategies based on the chain of managing generations through change management, talent management and much more.

INCITE, an international NGO, brings to you “Innovations & Strategies Conclave 2017: Managing Generations for Organizational Excellence”. Taking place on 20th and 21st of January 2017, at Trivandrum, this event serves as a platform to discuss and share all your ideas, thoughts, principles, experiences and recommendations on Public Economy. Attend the event and participate in the brainstorming session on various sub themes related to the main theme. It’s a great way to express your opinions and share your views to your peers and also connect with several business groups, individuals and organizations of international excellence.