With the growth in the event industry it has become very important for everyone to plan events whether large scale or small scale. Every person once in a lifetime surely has to plan and manage at least one event. If it’s your first time planning an event these ways will definitely help you. So let’s get started and plan together an amazing and successful event!!!

  • Vision and Ideas: the first thing that you would want to do when planning an event is take a paper and pen, and start jotting down the ideas that might click in your mind when you think about events. Make a vision for yourself as well as for the event that you will be planning.
  • Identify the goals and objectives: Once you have a vision about your event, start asking yourself questions like what do I want to achieve from this event? What are the objectives of the event? What will be the outcome of the event? these questions will help you identify your goals and objectives with regards to the events.goals
  • Organise a team: Event planning and managing is a team task. Bring together a group of people who will identify with the vision, goals and objectives of your event and are willing to help. Consider appointing every department heads so as to make it easier to manage the event. Ask others to take an initiative and trust your team members in all the work and efforts that they take for the event.organisting team
  • Set a date for the event: While setting a date for the event take into consideration local as well as national holidays. Avoid selecting dates that would clash with the vacation timings in the area as many people may not be able to attend the event. Also take into consideration the dates of VIPs, speakers, and other guests that will be attending your event. Based on the scale of your event, at least set the date 2-3 months prior so that everything can be planned and managed effectively.event date
  • Branding the event: Branding of the event is the most important aspect of planning the event. Brand will create your image in the market. Consider taking a unique Name, Tagline and Logo for your event. Selecting a name that is unique as well as simple for everyone to remember is a great way to create your brand.online registrations
  • Formulate a master plan: Start by formulating a master plan for your event with all the deadlines. This will help your to be on track and manage the event successfully. The master plan should include the venue and catering management; guests, speakers and VIPs management; entertainment; food; decorations; registrations and ticketing; promotions and marketing; publicity; sponsorships and partnerships; volunteers; and manging of then whole team.
  • Make a list: Listing is the best practice for being on track with your planning. Make different lists for each and every different category. This will help you in remembering all the things that you need to manage and keep in mind.

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  • Manage the admin and backend process: Basically it means keeping a track of your registrations, guests and other expenses and management issues. Websites like YepDesk offer an amazing platform for managing and keeping a track of your events as well as with backend and database process.
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships: Contacting corporates, organisations and other small businesses and companies will help you get monetary, technical and other help related to the event. They will also help in spreading a good word about you and your event.
  • Marketing Plan: Marketing plans should be started all the details about the event are finalised. Start promoting your event on your social media as well as ask your relatives, friends and family to share the messages with their contacts. All required promotions and publicity should be done well before the event, so that people are aware about your event.
  • Stay on the Budget: Try and stick to the budget that you had planned for in the initial stages. Do not over use your resources and mange the expenses properly. Keep a track about all your expenses from a smallest thing to the biggest thing needed for the event.
  • Evaluate the process: Timely evaluation of the whole planning process is really important. Keeping a track of your completed and pending work related to the event. This will help you implement and execute your event effectively and successfully.