Event planning is fun, creative and often entertaining too. Feel like kicking it up a notch? Try creating events with purpose. And what do we mean by a “purpose”? Throw an event that has an authentic sense which reflects your values. Let your attendees experience the moments filled with a deeper purpose.

To deliver the ‘purpose’ honestly to attendees, one should be aware of the three W’s of Event Planning. What, Why, Who.


The very first step while planning an event is to define the goals and objectives of an event. Your objective is partially your purpose. It is the sole reason for the existence of your event. If your company is an organization celebrating it’s anniversary, your goal is to entertain employees throughout the event and thank them for their contribution. Reasons may vary depending on the objective- to persuade, to celebrate, to inform, or to include.

Objectives are the stepping stones to your success. Be precise with your goals and have a detailed version of every goal. Having specific goals will help you stick with them throughout the planning process. It’s the best way to measure the narrow and tangible outcomes of your event. Think. Your event’s experience just doesn’t sell your story alone, but can also bonds the human ethics to promises of the brand.


While ‘what’ is one part of your purpose, ‘why’ is the second part which is crucial as well. Why are we organising this event? To launch the product? To debate the rise in commodity prices? To welcome the new members into a partnership? Be clear with your why. If you are a good event planner, it means that you know upfront what your event can accomplish.

It helps you remind your goal constantly and avoids diversions. This is best needed while making decisions, since you have a proper knowledge on what suits best for your event. And since every decision involves resources like time and money, having a big picture about your event avoids wastage of any cost.


Without Who, Why and What cannot be achieved. Wait, without people why have an event in the first place? You understand us right! People are your superheroes! It is for them that we as event planners struggle to make every aspect beautiful!

Who is this event for? Don’t just say for the youth, because that is not how you define your attendees. Firstly, know your attendees. Take time and understand who your ideal attendees are.

Create a persona on their profiles and identify ways to organize the event that match their choices. The persona should include their age, interests, their profession, etc. Depending on the necessity, follow your attendees on platforms like social media to get a deeper view of their lifestyle. This way you can create an event your attendees can truly indulge and enjoy in your event.

The next time you plan your big event, make sure to check these three W’s of event planning. Let yourself understand the different approaches of event planning which can enthrall your attendees in every aspect. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

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