Being an event manager can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking at times. Right from planning the event, assigning different responsibilities to all the staff, meeting deadlines consistently to making sure everything sticks to the plan on the actual event day, the job requires a high level of patience. In fact, according to many surveys conducted, event planning and coordinating is ranked as the 5th most stressful job in 2016.

While most event managers are obsessed more about attracting people and spreading the word around, only a few worry about delighting the audience at the event and creating a wholesome experience for everyone.Making your audience love the event plays a vital role in the post-campaign publicity, increases the loyal fan base and most importantly gains people’s trust for the company.

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Charming the audience and winning their heart is a tricky business as it requires a lot of creative brainstorming and critical analysis of various other crucial factors which can affect the overall progress of an event.The significant amount of time needed to do this work is one of the reason event managers don’t focus much on pleasing the audience.It is difficult, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Rachel Mueller-Lust, event planner

Here are few useful psychological hacks with which you can influence your audience minds and captivate their attention for providing a one of a kind experience for them at your event.

Five psychological hacks to can win your crowd’s heart

1) Creating Emotional Memories

Humans are always emotional creatures.People who come to an event remember the memories which are triggered by their most tender emotions only.It can be joy, anger, sadness and disgust etc.Clearly you want your audience to take away only the top most positive emotions such as joy, awe and amusement.It all comes down to creating the number of moments the gathering feels such high positive emotions.

2) Involving the Event Spectators

Regardless of the scale, location and the type of event you are organizing, it is highly important to engage the event spectators throughout the event continuously.Mute spectators are a performer’s most dreaded dream.Involving the audience in the event helps in inculcating a sense of satisfaction in them after the event and that contributes to their personal delight.

3) Elements of Surprise

Under promise, over deliver is the main formula for any successful event.

To truly create a jaw dropping experience for a gathering you can always exceed their expectations by surprising them with something that they would never anticipate in the event such as inviting a celebrity guest or offering free drinks, food, etc. based on your location and target audience.

4) Using the Correct Colors and Fragrances in your Event

It is essential to find the right colors which match your brand personality and blend them throughout your event.Color is the biggest influencer when a person judges a brand’s perception.

Different colors are associated with different emotions.Choose the right color which affects your audience’s state of mind.

By using the proper aroma around your event location, you can increase the attention at your event.Also, the overall experience at the event can be enhanced by a beautiful aroma.

5) Creating the Desire and Motivation Among People

The dopamine in a human brain plays a key role in reward-motivated behavior.It is essential to create an instant reward system at your event in the form of free giveaways, special themed food, alcohol, etc. so that clients get a feeling of unique satisfaction and which in turn helps in the creation of long-lasting impressions.

The fundamental goal is to get people to remember your event, brand and the audience present there.So the next time you organize any event be sure that you are delighting your audience by adopting the mentioned methods all through the event, as a happy and satisfied customer will be the first one to refer your business and can be a hero in advocating your business.