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So What is Business Formals and Business Casuals Anyway?

Due to the changing patterns and standards in each and every organisation whether small or big, there has always been a confusion about what exactly do “Business Formals” and “Business Casuals” Refer to as well as what exactly is the difference between them. So here we are with some easy ways that would help you to understand the basic Difference between Business Formals and Business Casuals. For men: When it comes to men, there is a clear cut difference between Business formals and casuals. Business Formals: Business Formals include dark coloured suits, colour coordinated ties, Light and simple coloured shirts, black or brown leather shoes with socks which are colour coordinated with the pants or trousers. Any type of piercings should be avoided. Hair as well as facial hair should be well groomed and maintained. Bold and flashy colours should be avoided. The look needs to be well groomed and crisp. Business Casuals: Although big business entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs choose not to wear formals, there casuals are very impressive as well as simple. Business casuals can include a large variety of clothes such as khaki pants or jeans in some cases, polo t-shirts or simple plain light coloured t-shirts, loafers or athletic shoes which are in good condition are also accepted. Although any type of piercings and bold and flashy colours are a big no....

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Ten Mindboggling Themes for Corporate Parties

Corporate parties now a day are not celebrated in old traditional way. Most companies these days have a lucrative budget as it not only inculcates enjoyment and fun, but it also expresses the company’s vision and increases the feeling of pride and success. There are lot of professional event controlling enterprises that receive the duty of adding a grand show.  The existing trend is to include a style to the function to provide it a coordinated look in conjunction with a fun aspect.  If the business has a solid administrative team that has expert team in event management, then...

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Top 6 Mistakes When Conducting College Events In India

College events are many and varied. They are incorporated into the college calendar of activities for a number of reasons. Some of them are Community Social Responsibility(CSR) activities, income generating activities while others like sports are for individual growth and student development. In general, these activities when consistently executed well, serve to project a good reputation of the college and thus improving its desirability by prospective students and also by the corporate world. However, some mistakes usually abound when conducting college events. As such they fall short of attaining their desired purposes. Some of these are the improper choice...

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4 Things to consider while selecting a venue for your next event

Selecting the right venue for your event can be a difficult task. Venue becomes the main focus point when it comes to inviting guests, attendees, as well as for attracting a large number of people. Venue plays an important in branding your event as well as to attract a large number of people to your event. As a busy event organiser, here are 4 things that you might want to consider while you select a venue for your next event: Location: Location of the venue will play an important role while you select the venue for your event. People...

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YepDesk- All in One Platform for Event Management and Marketing

Are you organising an Event small or big? Are you someone who is looking for an event management platform that is easy to use? Are you looking out for a registration as well as a payment gateway? Are you  looking for something to that can help you in managing your event? If you answered with a YES to the above questions, then you are at the right place. Let me tell you about the online platform that we offer called So what is YepDesk? YepDesk is a free cloud based platform that you can use to list your events as well as manage them and market them. YepDesk offers you various features like creating, planning, managing and scheduling your event, along with online registration, form building, embedding the registration form to the event page, resource management, task management, online paper submission for conferences and research programs as well as for college events, event attendees’ management. We also offer a ticketing platform with a secured payment gateway as well as a marketing platform such as the YepDesk event page and organisation page, Facebook posts, tweets on twitter, blogs about your organisation and your event etc. So be it any type of event, YepDesk can help you manage it and market it successfully. Our support team is always ready to help you with technical support. All you need to do...

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