Author: Saiju Siddeeq

Delighting Your Audience At An Event: 5 Easy Psychological Hacks!

Being an event manager can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking at times. Right from planning the event, assigning different responsibilities to all the staff, meeting deadlines consistently to making sure everything sticks to the plan on the actual event day, the job requires a high level of patience. In fact, according to many surveys conducted, event planning and coordinating is ranked as the 5th most stressful job in 2016. While most event managers are obsessed more about attracting people and spreading the word around, only a few worry about delighting the audience at the event and creating a wholesome...

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Six Cost-Effective Branding Ideas For Your Event

Gone are the days when brands paid a huge sum, just to display their ads on mass media channels like television, newspapers, radio, etc. With the rise of event planning industry, corporates now find their perfect channels to create an identity in the market. With endless opportunities to market their content, sponsors now concentrate on branding at events. In other words, they have found their best medium to target their ideal customers. Though this drift is not sudden and is happening from a long time, it requires more and more people to adapt these channels. So, what is your...

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Five Ways To Digitalise Your Next Event

As an event planner, you may be on a constant search for innovative ideas to brand your event. Traditionally branding of an event included putting up logos of the sponsors on the banners, signs, bunting, etc. This is done to expose the sponsor’s brand to your attendees. Though the traditional branding techniques proved to be effective, digital branding is the new kid in event management which is trending already. It is not just effective but is flexible and customizable and has endless scope for creativity. Along with these trends, changes are seen in sponsorship of an event too. Traditionally...

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9 Reasons to Consider YepDesk for your next event

There are so many event management and online ticketing and payment platforms available in the market, but there are certain reasons that you might want take into consideration for your next or upcoming events. YepDesk is a free cloud based platform that you can use to list your events as well as manage them and market them. YepDesk offers you various features like creating, planning, managing and scheduling your event, along with online registration, form building, embedding the registration form to the event page, resource management, task management, online paper submission for conferences and research programs as well...

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Kanakakkunnu Palace-Amazing Venue for any type of events in Trivandrum

Kanakakkunnu Palace which is situated in Trivandrum near the Napier museum and zoo is an amazing venue to attend the cultural events in the city. It is a venue for many meetings and cultural events in the city conducted by the department of tourism and the Kerala Government. The Kanakakkunnu Palace was built by Sree Moolam Thirunal. It was also used by the Travancore Royal Family for the entertainment as well as for serving non Vegetarian food to their guests as the Royal Family was vegetarian. All the guests of the Royal Family would have a feast of various...

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