Author: Devyani Ajgaonkar

Padamanabha Swamy Temple – A Mesmerizing Experience

The first time that I heard about the famous Padamanabha Swamy Temple was 2 months ago. I had just shifted to Trivandrum for work in the month of June. It was my first weekend in Trivandrum and I had no idea how to spend the time. I searched for historic and nearby places to visit in Trivandrum. That is the day I came across the Padamanabha Swamy Temple. I searched on the internet about the timings and the entry as well as the dress code for visiting the temple. The temple has strict rules regarding the dress code and...

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Nisha Gandhi Auditorium- Getting ready for the next event

As it was my few days in Trivandrum I was all set to revisit the famous places once again. Who knows when I will be able to visit Trivandrum again. As I visited the Napier museum and Zoo in Palayam, just a few minutes from there Kanakakkunnu Palace and Nisha Gandhi Auditorium are situated. I thought to myself why not visit them as well. I had heard a lot about the open air Nisha Gandhi auditorium from my colleagues and from most of the people in Trivandrum. As I entered the Kanakakkunnu Palace area and its ground I began...

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9 Essential Tips to stay healthy if your going for an event in Kerala Monsoon

Monsoons typically start in June and end around September in Kerala. Visiting for an event or conference or even for a job can be tricky, if you are visiting Kerala in monsoons. Monsoons are not only the season for tea and rains, but also a season of infections and various diseases. As the monsoons are already started in Kerala and you might be here for work, events, conferences from around the world, let us know some essential tips to help you out to stay away from infections as well as enjoy monsoons in Kerala. Opt for a Raincoat instead...

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How to plan an event:12 effective steps to plan an event

With the growth in the event industry it has become very important for everyone to plan events whether large scale or small scale. Every person once in a lifetime surely has to plan and manage at least one event. If it’s your first time planning an event these ways will definitely help you. So let’s get started and plan together an amazing and successful event!!! Vision and Ideas: the first thing that you would want to do when planning an event is take a paper and pen, and start jotting down the ideas that might click in your mind when you think about events. Make a vision for yourself as well as for the event that you will be planning. Identify the goals and objectives: Once you have a vision about your event, start asking yourself questions like what do I want to achieve from this event? What are the objectives of the event? What will be the outcome of the event? these questions will help you identify your goals and objectives with regards to the events. Organise a team: Event planning and managing is a team task. Bring together a group of people who will identify with the vision, goals and objectives of your event and are willing to help. Consider appointing every department heads so as to make it easier to manage the event. Ask others to...

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7 Tips for your first visit for an event to Kerala

Here are some useful tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling for the first time to Kerala for an event or conference. Kerala also known as ‘God’s own country’ or ‘The spice garden of India’ or ‘The land of coconut trees’ has much more to offer you when you visit !! Best time to visit: Although there is not much you can manage when travelling for work or for an special event, but while going for vacations or holidays keep in mind the best time to visit is from October to February. The climate is very...

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