Author: Devyani Ajgaonkar

The Power of Storytelling At An Event and Ways to Harness It

Stories have always been a part of our life since ages. It is the best way to teach since it allows one to deeply connect with your thoughts and completely indulge in the subject. Ever since humans came into existence, our minds began to think and ask questions on several aspects of life. And this is how the language was developed, and stories were originated. Stories existed before literature and hence every age-old culture had storytelling practices. Storytelling is not barely speaking but involves one to truly captivate the attention of the listeners. Every line of the story should...

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Ganesh Utsav: The Biggest Festival in Maharashtra

Ganesh Utsav is the biggest festival in Maharashtra. Be it celebrated in households or big mandals, Maharashtra turns into a big festival for 10 days. Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganesh Utsav is the festival of celebration of arrival of lord shree Ganesh in our houses. It is a 10-day long festival celebrated in honour of the elephant headed god lord shree Ganesh. Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated in India and specifically in Maharashtra. This festival is not only celebrated by families at home, but also by people at their places...

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Famous Venues for Events in Trivandrum

Events in Trivandrum not only reflect to the ones that are private but so the ones that are public. If you are organising an event in Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram as they call it or trying to find one near you, here are some of the famous venues that you might want to consider looking for. Kanakakkunnu Palace Situated near the Napier Museum and Zoo in the heart of the Trivandrum city, Kanakakkunnu Palace is an amazing venue for all those who want to attend the cultural and traditional programs in Trivandrum which are mostly conducted by the Department of Tourism of Kerala. Along with that, various exhibitions and festivals are also conducted here. Nisha Gandhi Auditorium: Nisha Gandhi Auditorium is situated inside the premises of the Kanakakkunnu Palace near the Napier Museum and Zoo in Trivandrum city. The all India Dance festival is held annually in this same open air auditorium. The festival is itself named as Nisha Gandhi festival due to the fact that it is held in this auditorium. This auditorium is spacious and has the capacity to entertain a large number of guests. the auditorium is currently being renovated. Senate hall: The Senate Hall is located in the university of Kerala campus Palayam. Due to its location which is so close to the youth as well as accessible by them, many cultural, art as well other...

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Victoria Jubilee Town Hall

Victoria Jubilee Town Hall also known as the VJT hall is the most preferred place for events in Trivandrum. It was built to commemorate the golden jubilee of the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1896. It was inaugurated by Sree Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma on January 25, 1896. This hall has is the most preferred venue for most of the public events or functions in the city of Trivandrum. The hall was initially the venue for most of the functions of the royal family. It was later used for the congress meetings as well as for many other historical...

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Top Social Media Networks for Event Marketing

So today, we will be discussing the top social media for marketing your event successfully and reaching the correct target audience. The first that you need to identify before making your social media marketing strategies, is to identify the audience, the background of your attendees as well as you will need to identify the social media that your audience and attendees use the most. FACEBOOK: Facebook being the most popular social media network, there is no need to explain much about it. The goal of reaching 70% of your targeted audience can be achieved via Facebook shares and likes. People from all types of demographics use Facebook these days may it be a working professional or a housewife or even teenagers. This is the perfect platform to market any type of event and it will surely reach your targeted audience. TWITTER: Though twitter is a little difficult to understand for the most of us, there are many tech savvy and social media friendly people who love using twitter to it maximum. Most of the professionals and teenagers use twitter to follow big celebrities or even famous people. This can be used as a marketing platform if your target audience is teenagers and professionals. INSTAGRAM: Instagram is growing and trending these days. Many people are engaging in the photogenic events. It is a great way to showcase your audience what...

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