There are so many event management and online ticketing and payment platforms available in the market, but there are certain reasons that you might want take into consideration for your next or upcoming events.

YepDesk is a free cloud based platform that you can use to list your events as well as manage them and market them.

YepDesk offers you various features like creating, planning, managing and scheduling your event, along with online registration, form building, embedding the registration form to the event page, resource management, task management, online paper submission for conferences and research programs as well as for college events, event attendees’ management. We also offer a ticketing platform with a secured payment gateway as well as a marketing platform such as the YepDesk event page and organisation page, Facebook posts, tweets on twitter, blogs about your organisation and your event etc.

So be it any type of event, YepDesk can help you manage it and market it successfully. Our support team is always ready to help you with technical support. All you need to do is sign up on YepDesk and you are ready to go!

So here are the reasons why you might want to consider YepDesk for your events as compared to the other platforms available.

Control your own event:

You can have the total control over how you would like your event to be. You can customise the event as per your requirements, manage it on your own as well as keep a track of all the tickets that are sold or about the registrations or for that matter anything related to your event.

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No Charges: does not charge any commission from any of its clients. The only charge that is payable is the minimal internet handling charges and the bank charges. YepDesk is a totally free platform that will help you in managing and marketing your event. There are no hidden charges.

No documentation required:

You do not need any documentation for listing and using for your upcoming events. All you need is one email id and that is it. You will not be asked about any documents with regards to your events.

Dedicated Event and Organisation Webpages:

Once you have created your event or organisation on you will get a special organisation and event webpage for yourself. Even if you do not have a website, these webpages will be helpful to you.

Built for everyone: is not only built for organisers but for everyone in search for events around them. YepDesk helps in listing all the events in the city and help interested people find you.

Free Promotions:

In addition to all these benefits, you will get free promotions on the Facebook and twitter accounts of YepDesk as well as dedicated blogs about your organisation and each and every events will be regularly posted and shared. What else do you need?

No hiding of details:

You will get all the details about your customers as well as you can keep a track of them easily. We do not hide any details from you about your transactions or about your customers. We believe in total transparency.

24*7 support and assistance:

We are just one step away from. You can contact us anytime you need our assistance. Our dedicated team is always there to help you, no matter how big or small your problem is.

No need to be exclusive:

We do not support any clause of exclusiveness with us. You can definitely use other mediums to market, manage and organise your event. But we are sure, once you use you will not need any other platform or tool for your help.

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