Monsoons typically start in June and end around September in Kerala. Visiting for an event or conference or even for a job can be tricky, if you are visiting Kerala in monsoons. Monsoons are not only the season for tea and rains, but also a season of infections and various diseases. As the monsoons are already started in Kerala and you might be here for work, events, conferences from around the world, let us know some essential tips to help you out to stay away from infections as well as enjoy monsoons in Kerala.

  1. Opt for a Raincoat instead of an umbrella: More than 75% of people swear to use umbrellas in rainy season. But due to heavy showers of rains and gusting winds, there is always a 90% chance that we might get fully drenched in rains. The easy and more secure way to travel in rains is using raincoats. They will not only protect you from head to toe, they are for all those bikers out there as well as for anyone who travels a lot in rains.
  2. Use doormats: Always keep a doormat at the door, whether it is your office or your home. You do not want all those dirty footprints and infection causing germs to enter your doors and affect you. Do you?
  3. Avoid closed footwear: Footwear such as gum boots, shoes, or any other type of closed footwear, will not only soak up water but it will also make your feet smelly. And that is definitely something that you want! opt for more open footwear such as sandal, slippers, flip-flops, etc. they will keep your feet dry and avoid bacterial infections as well.
  4. Keep a towel handy: Do keep a towel handy in your bag and at home as well as in the workplace. Instead of drying yourself out in AC or under a super-fast Fan, use a towel. This will help you stay away from cold, cough and fever as well as protect you from other infections.
  5. Extra pair of clothes: Whenever travelling, always carry an extra pair of clothes. You never know when you will need them. You would definitely not want to stay wet all day long!
  6. Disinfectants: Carry some type of disinfectants with you like hand sanitizers for wet wipes and do not forget to use it daily to keep yourself all clean and away from those bacteria, infections and germs.
  7. Repellents: Monsoons are the breeding season for most of the bugs, insects and mosquitos. To stay away from all types of infections and diseases caused by them, you must keep repellents handy. Using natural repellents will also help in the same way.
  8. Hot stuff: Hot and warm stuff not only mean warm clothes and heaters, it also means using warm foods and drinks. Hot stews, soups, tea, coffee and milk are great for monsoons. They will help you cope up with the cold weather as well as keep you warm from inside.
  9. Avoid cold: As soon as you see any symptoms or if you feel unwell or ill, see a physician or a doctor as soon as possible. You never know when you might get affected from any infection or disease. Remember to stay healthy and enjoy the rains!!!

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