Here are some useful tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling for the first time to Kerala for an event or conference.

Kerala also known as ‘God’s own country’ or ‘The spice garden of India’ or ‘The land of coconut trees’ has much more to offer you when you visit !!

Best time to visit: Although there is not much you can manage when travelling for work or for an special event, but while going for vacations or holidays keep in mind the best time to visit is from October to February. The climate is very pleasant and you can enjoy the most during this time.

From March to May, Kerala experiences the hottest temperature and this may not be the right time for a visit, although this is also the peak season as tourists here as schools and colleges are closed due to summer vacations.

If you want to experience the exotic climate of Kerala, then May to September is the best time for you to visit. The rains are heavy and you might want to check with the weather first.

Languages: The official language of Kerala is Malayalam. English and Hindi are the second languages that are spoken here. Some people can also understand Tamil. The dialect used by the people of Kerala for English is a little different so you might need to understand properly.

Travel kit: Here are some essentials that you will need to carry in your travel kit. To protect yourself from harsh sun, make sure you have a hat or cap, sunglasses, scarf and sunscreen lotion. Mosquitos and bugs love the mushy and wet climate of Kerala so make sure you have a mosquito repellent and a bug spray with you.

Water: Make sure you carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go to keep yourself hydrated all day long during the eventsand enjoying yourself in events. Most of the time round the year the climate in Kerala is humid so want would want to keep yourself hydrated when you are travelling.

Food: Food available here is medium spicy so you might take time to adjust to the food here. Every delicacy and dish you might try will have coconut in some or the other form. Fish curries, puttu and appam are the specialityies for you to enjoy.

Temples: Temples are a wonderful way to enage in the kerala culture. Take some time off your event or work schedule and do visit a temple. here follow a strict rule with respect to clothes so keep in mind what you wear. You will need to leave or keep your footwear outside the temple while visiting the temple.

Ayurveda: Would you like relax yourself after a busy day enjoying yourself at the event or at the work ? You would want to try out the authentic and famous Ayurveda treatments in Kerala. However, keep in mind to visit only the Ayurveda centres that are authorized by the Kerala Tourism and Kerala Government.

Visit to this ‘God’s own country’ will always be a mesmerizing and exciting as well as a memorable experience for you!!!