Every year there are some trends that are followed in the event industry to hype up the events and make the event successful and are bang on. Though these trends keep on changing from time to time, some of them are evergreen and some are just for the time being. Never the less, there is no doubt that these types of events create a hype and are successful.

Top 10 types of events trending in India are:

1. Walks:

Walks are now spreading all over India. People interested in one topic or hobby come together and start walking towards a decided destination of interest. Most of these types of events are held on holidays or in the night time. Some of the walks that I have heard of are midnight walks to historic places, walk for photography where people click pictures at night of the specific area or place or subject, walk to the beaches, etc.

2. Pokémon themes:

With the Pokémon go app launched a few days earlier, everyone around the world is now crazy about the game. There are recent events which are coming up with the theme of Pokémon for there events. These include Pokémon theme party,  Pokémon walks, Pokémon catching competitions etc. this a very new and innovative concept that relates to including the Pokémon theme in each and every type of event as much as possible. As it is so new and trending in the whole world, this will surely get you large number of employees as well as make your event successful.

3. Marathons:

Marathons not just mean the run for the win. Some marathons are organised for the sole purpose of charity. There a lot of type of marathons coming up in every part of India, where it may be for a prize or for charity or both. These type of events get you a large mass of people to attend your event as well as the people enjoy and come forward for the purpose of charity. These not only benefit you as an organiser but also the attendees and those who will receive the charity.

4. Celebrations:

Celebrations do not actually need any type of event to happen as such. But these days there are many events happening all around India which are related to some sort of celebrations. People are very excited to attend such type of events. These events include celebrations related to festivals, upcoming trends, successful running of movies or anything that needs celebrations. These can be small or big events but the people are more interested in these type of events.

5. Class/Workshops:

Now sitting in a class or tutorials may get you flashbacks from the days back in school and colleges. But these are the type of events that are growing in India. They are surely not like the class that you attended in your school or colleges where you were made to sit quiet and listen to your teacher, but these are where you can learn new things and have fun in the process of learning. Learning new things as well as having a whole lot of fun is the motive of these type of events.

6. Conferences:

Conferences are a mixture of learning, sharing your knowledge and socializing as well as networking with the people around you as well as in the same industry. These type of events will help you gain knowledge that you might need as well as help you in meeting the people from the industry. Conferences are sometimes even paired up with trade shows, exhibitions or any other type of event. One such example in India was the Make in India, it was a trade expo as well as a conference and exhibition. It attracted large masses of people who were interested in different aspects of the conference.

7. Festivals:

Festivals are the type of events were a series of smaller events happen usually at the same place or venue music festivals , college festivals, food festivals, art festivals are the types that are of festival type of events. One of the example for this type of event is the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai which takes place around the month of February every year. It is a mixture of arts, food, music, cultural festival.

8. DJ nights:

Now DJ nights is an old type of event, which is still famous and evergreen. You can never go wrong with such type of an event. It is the event that most people are interested in. Dancing with your friends on the sounds of music that are trending is a trend among the teenagers and young adults that will hardly fade in the near future.

9. Flash mobs:

Flash mobs are a large group of people ready to dance on a specific location, at the specific time. They are either gathered through social media and are all prepared to perform. These type of events are not only enjoyed by the people who take part and perform but also the standees and the people who watch it enjoy.

10. Bike rides:

Bike rides are a trending topic in India these days. Every person who has a bike has at least once gone for the bike ride. It basically means to gather together at a specified place and travel all the way to a specified predefined destination by riding the bike. Most of these events are held on holidays and at night time. These type of events are mostly famous with young adults.

So the bottom line is, no matter if you are a participator or the audience, these are the most trending event types in India and you will surely be attending one of these and the level of enjoyment and experience you will get is spectacular.

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